Terms and conditions

1. General

PastellepourFemme.com – property of Pastelle SRL – 34th Muzeul Zambaccian street Bucharest-Romania, Managing Director Roxana Stoian Phone: +4 0732 206 233, office@pastellepourfemme.com (hereinafter called „pastellepourfemme.com” or „we”) runs an online shop under the internet address www.pastellepourfemme.com (hereinafter called „website”). All orders placed by you via the website and our deliveries and services are exclusively subject to the following general terms and conditions, in the version that is valid at the time of the order. We do not accept conflicting terms and conditions of the customer unless we have agreed to their validity in writing.

2. Conditions for accessing the site

Access to the site www.pastellepourfemme.com implies acceptance of these general and specific conditions contained in the Web site, which is why we recommend that before using the site, all users should read these conditions, the disclaimer and the confidentiality policy, data protection and cookies policies that govern the Web site www.pastellepourfemme.com , and that in case of doubt they should contact office@pastellepourfemme.com to enquire regarding any of the clauses in this disclaimer.
We also inform users that the Site www.pastellepourfemme.com , is free, although registration or subscription may be required to access certain services.

3. Use of the page

The user hereby agrees, in accordance with these general conditions, to use the site according to the law, morality, public order and generally accepted decency, refraining from using the page for harmful purposes or in a manner that is damaging to the image of PASTELLE SRL in the market or that may damage the image of any of its trademarks, intellectual property and/or associated companies, as well as people within the group to which it belongs.
The user will also abstain from engaging in any type of act that may damage or hinder the normal functioning of the Web site, the services offered, IT equipment, files, and databases owned by PASTELLE SRL or their legal owners, contained or stored in the different sections that make up this Web site www.pastellepourfemme.com.

4. Limited liability

PASTELLE SRL accepts no responsibility under any circumstances for loss or damage of any nature suffered by the user due to the operation of the site or for electronic viruses of any type, to the extent determined by Law. Likewise, PASTELLE SRL accepts no responsibility for any damage suffered by the user as a consequence of being redirected from the Web site www.pastellepourfemme.com to the Web sites of any of the PASTELLE SRL group companies, or third party Web sites.
The user shall be directly or indirectly liable for loss or damage of any nature resulting as a direct or indirect consequence of non-compliance with the general conditions established in this disclaimer and any specific clauses that may complement or develop these general conditions.
PASTELLE SRL reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior warning, the contents of the page and the configuration of the site, and may limit, suspend or prevent access totally or partly at its own discretion.
Likewise, PASTELLE SRL accepts no liability for loss or damage to user’s PC hardware or software caused by access to the site, and does not guarantee that the site’s files and systems, etc., are virus free.
PASTELLE SRL allows customers to register confidentially by enabling them to create their own user names and passwords, which are unique, personal and non-transferable. Registration is necessary to access certain services included in the Web site.
The user undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the username and password and PASTELLE SRL reserves the right to delete the user account, username and password at its discretion and in cases where circumstances arise that indicate illegal use. In this regard, the user is entirely responsible and all obligations deriving from use of the services offered on the Web site accessed using the aforementioned user account, username and password, and those deriving from the use by third parties using the user’s password.
With regard to social network buttons on the Web site, PASTELLE SRL hereby informs that these buttons are linked to on-line services managed by third parties, which are also used by other users, therefore PASTELLE SRL is liable, solely and without exception, for its own contents.

5. Right to return

You may return merchandise that you have received without indicating any reasons within 14 days by sending the merchandise back. The time limit starts running one day after the day on which you have received the merchandise and instructions about the right to return enclosed separately in writing. Only in cases of merchandise that can not be shipped (e.g. in cases of bulky merchandise) you may exercise your right to return through a written request (e.g. by letter or e-mail). Returns will be accepted for consideration only when we receive them in the given time limit which means that you must ship it out on time. Return shipments will be at your cost and risk. You need to address the return shipment or the request to Pastelle srl, 21 Muzeul Zambaccian street sector 1 CP 011874 Bucharest-Romania or office@pastellepourfemme.com
Consequences of Return
In case of a valid return, the mutually received benefits are to be returned and eventually drawn profits (e.g. profits drawn from the use of the merchandise) are to be returned. In case that the merchandise has deteriorated, a compensation regarding the value may be claimed. This does not apply in case where the deterioration of the merchandise exclusively results from its inspection as it would have been possible for you in a shop. You also can avoid the obligation to compensate the value by not using the merchandise as if you owned it and by refraining from acts that might affect its value.
You will find all documents helpful in connection with the return of the merchandise – together with the delivery note – in your shipment. Please note that returns can only be accepted from the original shipping country. All costs will be charged to your card or bank account. In case of a return, the card or bank will be credited. Please note however that any loses incurred due to changes in the exchange rate will not be credited.
If you have questions concerning your right to return the merchandise, please contact our Customer Care Team:
E-Mail: office@pastellepourfemme.com
Fax: +40 732 206 233

6. Delivery and Shipping

1. We ship exclusively with TNT and FAN COURIER (only for Romania). pastellepourfemme.com bears the transportation risk. We ship internationally to over 50 countries.
2. The articles are not available on immediate stock, they are custom made individually for each of our online customers.
That’s why it takes 25 – 30 working days for us to create them in our atelier.
Please add 1-3 days for shipping and estimate your shipping date according to this information.
3. Customers in non-EU countries
The delivery period to countries that impose customs duty is 2 to 4 business days. Please note that we bear the costs for the shipment from our warehouse to your home, the insurance of the merchandise and any costs for supplementary documents. Product prices are exclusive of all taxes and duties, as well as Romanian VAT. Please note that custom taxes, duties and handling fees for each individual country will be applied and invoiced separately through TNT For details regarding arising taxes and duties for your country, please contact us at office@pastellepourfemme.com. Please note that potential foreign bank charges have to be borne by you.
4. Shipping Rates:

Destination Cost
Romania 5 eur
EU countries 19 eur
Europe, Non-UE countries 29 eur
The rest of the world 39 eur
7. Intelectual property

All content, images, videos, audio (podcasts), photographs, drawings and sketches, logos, labels and similar material Web site design and source code; are owned by PASTELLE SRL or its rightful owners, the latter having their express authorization for their use on the Web site.
All the texts, photographs, graphics, videos, supports, web design, source code and similar are the property of PASTELLE SRL and/or its suppliers of contents; therefore, they cannot be the subject of subsequent modification, copy, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by users or by third parties without prior, express authorization by the owners of said contents.
Any user wishing to use any of the aforementioned protected elements such as graphics, images, photographs, brands, labels, Web site design and/or source code, must request prior, express, written authorization from PASTELLE SRL Failure to reply shall never be interpreted as presumed or tacit authorization.
The trademarks and/or logos that appear on the Site are owned by PASTELLE SRL and are duly registered or in the process of registration. Their reproduction and undue use without the prior, express, written permission of PASTELLE SRL is strictly prohibited.
Use or access to the page attributes no rights to the user over the different distinguishing marks that appear on the Web site, which are owned by PASTELLE SRL

8. Jurisdition and applicable law

The general and/or specific conditions, as well as the Annexes, if any; set out in this legal notice are governed by Romanian law and jurisdiction. The courts of Bucharest will be competent to resolve any conflicts arising from these conditions.